Welcome to the realm of Gift an Author Publishing, where we specialize in transforming your romantic dreams into captivating reality. Our range of writing and publishing services is designed to breathe life into your heartfelt romance.

Guiding our passionate team is Kristine Meier-Skiff, the visionary founder and CEO. As an Indie author, she intimately understands the challenges of piecing together the professional services required to publish a high-quality romance novel. This ignited her realization that there should be a publishing company offering Indie authors comprehensive services akin to traditional publishers—a company that caters to our unique needs, granting complete ownership of our work and artistic freedom.

And thus, Gift an Author Publishing was born. We are committed to providing the essential services to bring your romance novel to life. Whether you seek a talented ghostwriter or a meticulous developmental editor, our diverse group of authors encompasses various specialties, cultures, and lifestyles, ensuring that your romantic tale resonates with authenticity and passion.

But our offerings extend far beyond writing and design. If you yearn for enchanting illustrations, beautiful cover art, or polished formatting, our skilled artists and graphic designers will bring your story to life. Each brushstroke and design element will transport readers into the world of your romance, igniting their imagination and stirring their hearts.

At Gift an Author Publishing, we excel not only in writing and design but also in publishing and marketing. Armed with knowledge and strategies, we will launch your romance novel into the hands of eager readers. Crafting compelling book descriptions that tug at heartstrings and devising targeted promotional campaigns, we ensure your romance receives the attention it deserves.

Moreover, we offer author coaching to support you on your writing journey. Our experienced professionals provide valuable insights and guidance to enhance your skills, empowering you to navigate the intricate world of romance writing and create stories that touch readers’ souls.

Every member of our team at Gift an Author is a highly skilled professional dedicated to delivering excellence. We take immense pride in our work and guarantee your satisfaction every step of the way.

So, to all romance enthusiasts, if you’re ready to embark on a passionate writing or ghostwriting journey, Gift an Author Publishing is your destination. Our services seamlessly blend professionalism with wit, creating an experience that will sweep you off your feet. Contact us today and watch your romantic masterpiece unfold.

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