Register for our upcoming webinar!

Register for our upcoming webinar!

Characters Readers Love (and hate):

Boost Engagement With Strong Development

Friday, May 10 at 12 p.m. EST (9am Pacific)

Level up your story telling by crafting characters that evoke string emotions from your reader.

Kristine Skiff is a bestselling author, ghostwriter, and advocate for mental health awareness. She’s the founder of Gift An Author Publishing and a passionate expert in helping writers tell their stories.

Kristine will guide you through the process of character creation and development covering topics like:

  • Craft a Cohesive Character
    Ensure your character has a consistent voice and personality throughout the story. Readers connect with characters who feel real and believable.
  • Make Them Memorable
    Give your characters a unique quirk or detail. This could be a specific mannerism, a surprising talent, or a peculiar habit. It helps them stand out and leave a lasting impression.
  • Master the Art of Description
    Strike a balance between overdescribing and underdescribing your characters. Too little detail leaves them flat, while too much bogs down the narrative. Focus on vivid descriptions that reveal personality and evoke emotions.

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